Zen Website Design …

… means that all aspects of website creation and marketing is simplified into concise, succinct objectives and goals.

The term Zen is used metaphorically as an underlying principle for every aspect of a website’s design, usability and purpose.

‘Keeping It Simple’ is an appropriate phrase to use as a premise for website design because at its core, it is consistent with sound web design principles. Visitors will quickly leave if they arrive at a site that is cluttered, does not convey what the site is all about or is otherwise unattractive in terms of graphics, colors and style.

Understand that a website must be designed primarily for users and not so much your personal preferences. You must be aware of your biases towards particular styles, colors and the general mood of a website vs. the target market to which you are attracting.

Consistent with this approach to website design, my clients also have an affinity for keeping things simple as well. My ‘target market’ (defining my ideal client) is someone who prefers a website that:

  • Keeps things simple vs. making things complex
  • Gets to the point – delivers the message
  • Doesn’t make visitors hunt down what they are looking for on the site
  • Is attractive with pleasing graphics that prioritizes substance over flashiness

Most importantly, my ideal client knows that a website without a marketing plan is like a ship without a rudder.

If you want to dig deeper, check out the principles of website design.

To get started with a website each prospective client is asked to fill out an online Website Project Checklist that helps us refine the cost and the requirements you may have for its purpose, content and design.