How to interpret the results:

100-125 – Excellent. Your marketing efforts should be working for you well. It would just be a matter of increasing leads and increasing your conversions to increase revenues.

75 – 100 – Good. You are accomplishing most of the critical factors but still lack putting them into full action and focus. Look at your low scores and develop a plan of action to implement the strategies. Make changes to get as many of the statement to score a 5.

Less than 70 – Your overall marketing strategies are not balanced or you are simply not doing very well in all areas. Even if you score relatively high in a couple of the categories, you are doing poorly in others. You may be great at forming relationships with your customers and converting them into sales, but you just don’t have enough customers to meet your sales goals.

Review each of the 5 category areas and look at your score for each statement. A Zero is a sign you must take action and incorporate that statement into your marketing strategy. You may be getting lots of traffic to your website and making relationships but not converting them into sales. Your website or your closing abilities may not be up to par. You could also not be good at follow up with interested prospects.

Effective marketing starts with attracting strangers to your business or your website. You need to first get their attention so they will notice you and become familiar with you and perhaps want to learn more about what you do. You will then no longer be a stranger. They will become interested in your services provided they are the correct target market and will seek out what they are looking for.

Your marketing materials must fully explain to them how you can meet their needs. Along the way you must provide valuable, useful information, answer their questions, objections, and develop trust, credibility and likability. At this point, if the buyer is ready, willing and able, you must have sufficient closing skills or mechanisms to persuade them to convert from interested to serious and eventually become an actual customer or paying client.

That all sounds very convoluted and tedious to mange, but from a marketing standpoint, you must look at the overall process and know that you must put together the systems that allow the average consumer to go through their process. Not everyone looks for what they want in a search engine, finds it and makes a purchase the same day.

You will notice that there are a couple of big assumptions made here and those are twofold. One is that you have identified a viable niche market that you have a clear understanding of as your target market. The other is that there are sufficient numbers of people who actually seek out and are willing to pay for what you have to offer. These questions are part of your Mission Statement, Goals, Objectives and current market situation.

If you have not already done so, perform a SWOT analysis on your business and perhaps you will reveal some real key challenges you face as a business in your particular market or niche. Your competitors are also a concern with respect to the total number of available customers in your targeted areas.

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