Zen Website Services Free ConsultationEach website is thoughtfully designed based on our Website Checklist and Consultation. After all, we want your business to grow as a result of the success of your website. Not only will you be pleased, your visitors will be compelled to browse and find out all about you and your business as reflected by the style, value
and experience the site provides.

You will receive a visually impressive, yet powerfully functional website designed to generate traffic, engage users and convert them into customers. The design process will be a collaborative effort between designer and client. Each step of the way you will contribute to the extent you desire or deemed necessary.


What You Get

15+ Pages


Customized Header ($250 value)

Stock photo images at least one per page (or client furnished)

Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Social Bookmarking

Contact Us page with submission form with email notification

RSS Feed Imports

Name Capture Form to build a list

Mobile Site Optimization

Site Search Box

Google Adsense ready

Advertising Banner ads ready

Affiliate links ready

XML Syndication (publish your content)

PayPal integration for one item purchase

Pre-scheduled publication of content

Site integrated with a blog

Content Management System (CMS) online editing

Unlimited Blogging

Set up in Google Analytics to monitor traffic

Search Engine Optimized with these features:
Page Analysis for website optimization
Meta Description Tags
Meta Tags and Keyword Optimized
Header Tags
Google Site Map
Submission to website directories and search engines upon completion
Robots.txt file optimization
Site Map Page in navigation
Domain name consultation and purchase assistance
Free Web Hosting for 1 Year with email accounts
** Extra features are available for additional cost See Additional Charges and Extras

Zen Website packages come in 2 options depending on your level of involvement and need to control the content on an ongoing basis.

This option is chosen after the client consultation process depending on the degree the client wants to get involved in the day to day managing of the website and its

This option is a CMS system, or Content Managment System and allows you to make changes, edit text, pictures and a full blogging platform. For clients who want total control over their website and future editing.

Both options are equally powerful tools to boost your marketing strategies, but with a few variations in functionality.

Rather than steering our clients into a one-size-fits-all design template, we together select which one is the best fit for your capabilities and needs.

A simple website doesn’t have to look boring. Pleasing graphics that reflect your business style along with ease of navigation, will provide the user with a positive experience of your website.

zen website services design and marketing

Keep in mind that for a website to be found in search engines, many technical factors are built into the hidden and unseen parts of the site but are essential to a website being “optimized”.

We balance visual aesthetics with the technical aspects to make for a fantastic website, and always being mindful of our motto of keeping it simple – yet

If you are just starting out with a new website or have little knowledge of online marketing, we can take you step by step at a speed comfortable to you.

Even if you already have a website and are familiar with internet marketing, you can appreciate the tremendous value built into each of the website options.

Base costs for either website package ranges between $995 – $1800 with most sites averaging about $1200.

After the Checklist and Consultation is completed, an accurate cost can be prepared.

To Get Started, go to the
Website Checklist

X-sites are set up with an external link which integrates a Free Blogger account. Clients who desire to create blog posts need only learn how to log in, type a blog and hit the publish button.

W-sites are based on a WordPress.org CMS platform which allows the creation of both static pages and dynamic blog posts. Clients who desire total control over their websites shall be equipped with the W-site setup option and will be instructed on how to get started.