Base costs for either website package ranges between $995 – $1800 with most sites averaging about $1200.  After the Checklist and Consultation is completed, an accurate estimate can be prepared.

Certain tasks require additional time and have set minimum charges as follows:

Text that is not provided in a digital file (manual entry) $25/page up to 500 words
Making changes to any page content or layout after the final draft is approved cost to be determined based on the nature of request
Additional pages over the first 15 standard pages $20/standard page
Adding Video or Audio or Flash per custom quote
Changes to any customized graphic other than resizing
Copy writing based on rough outline provided by client $45/hour
Photo galleries, Image Mapping or Photoshop work per custom quote
Creation of a Resources/Links Page beyond 5 links $5/link plugin assistance and installation $25 minimum
Other unique requests beyond the scope of the base $30/hour
PayPal accounts must be set up by client in order to use the feature
Affiliate link URLs must be furnished by client
Custom Logos $150 – $350

TRAINING/COACHING – Get a personalized 90-day marketing action plan with accountability that launches your website and online presence, shows you how to take control over the marketing efforts and understand how your website is used as a hub for your online marketing. Learn how to manage your site, edit it, and drive traffic to it using internet marketing strategies. Take the Free Marketing Assessment and then call me to get a quote for a 90-day RoadMap and Coaching.

X-sites are set up with an external link which integrates a Blogger account. Client who desire to create blog posts need only learn how to log in, type a blog and hit the publish button.

W-sites are based on a CMS platform which allows the creation of both static pages and dynamic blog posts. Clients who desire total control over their websites shall be equipped with the Wsite setup option and will be instructed on how to get started.

Basic tutorials are provided for using WordPress and/or Blogger.